Abbe Mowshowitz

Abbe Mowshowitz is a professor of computer science at The City College of New York and a member of the computer science doctoral faculty at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Ever since he wrote The Conquest of Will: Information Processing in Human Affairs (Addison-Wesley) way back in 1976, Mowshowitz has been interested in the social implications of computing. He has been studying virtual organization and its consequences for the past twenty-five years. A primer on the subject of virtual organization edited by him appeared as a special section of the September 1997 issue of Communications of the ACM. Mowshowitz sketched the economic and political consequences of virtual organization in an essay on virtual feudalism in Beyond Calculation: the Next Fifty Years of Computing edited by P.J. Denning and R.M. Metcalf (Copernicus Books, 1997, pp. 213-231). His book Virtual Organization: Toward a Theory of Societal Transformation Stimulated by Information Technology (Greenwood Publishing Group) appeared in 2002. A more complete list of his writings may be found on the Literature page.

Nanda Kumar

Nanda Kumar is an associate professor in the Computer Information Systems department at Baruch College, City University of New York. He received his Ph.D. in Management Information Systems from the University of British Columbia in 2003. His current research interests include human-computer interaction, digital government, impact of IT on the organization of work and leisure.

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